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Walk on Water Balls

Walk on Water without getting a toe wet!

  • Run, walk, roll, flip, and spin inside a 2 metre huge inflatable ball
  • Fully enclosed so every person will stay dry
  • Safe, burst-proof, heavy-duty TPU polyurethane plastic

Walk on Water Balls: perfect for

  • Kids birthday pool parties
  • Swim centre events
  • School fetes
  • Corporate events
  • Team building

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk on water?

Well now you can. The feeling of being weightless is sure to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Run, bounce, and slide like a superhero in these huge spheres.
If you get tired, no worries. Our trained staff will reel you in by the rope attached to your sphere. If you’re after a unique party game hire your guests will love, this is it…

How it works

Each participant is enclosed in their own waterproof clear sphere which is pumped full of fresh air, sealed and then released onto the inflatable pool.

It’s easy and quick to get in and out of the sphere and the water. Our trained staff will help you when it’s your turn.

Getting in

You climb in through a large zip on one side. You then stand upright as a soft tube attached to a blower is placed through a gap in the zip. The air blown into the sphere is cool and gentle.

Once the sphere is fully inflated the zip is closed tight and the sphere is ready for the water.

Getting the ball onto the water

Once the sphere is fully inflated, staff will ask you to walk towards the water inside the sphere. You’ll sphere to the edge of the pool where you will sit down and push yourself onto the water.

Staff will help you push the sphere onto the water to prevent you from touching the side of the pool.

Getting out

Staff will gently reel you in using the sphere’s rope towards the side of the pool. You then simply kneel on the side of the pool, stand up and walk the sphere to a safe area. Staff will open the waterproof zip. This allows the air to escape. You then step out of the sphere.

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Safe and strong

About Walk on Water balls:

  • Huge 2-metre inflatable water walking balls that let you walk, run, roll, flip and spin
  • Activity happens at the top of the water and enclosed so you won’t get wet
  • Not weather dependent so a perfect unique activity in any season
  • Safe, reliable heavy-duty TPU polyurethane plastic so there’s no risk of bursting (Built to Australian Standards AS 3533.4.1)
  • Bouncy and strong with 10 times the volume of air of an airbed so you won’t sink


The water balls can fit 1 person at a time.

Age and weight requirements

  • 4 to 94 years old
  • No more than 90kg

Walk on Water FAQs

How long can I stay inside a Walk on Water Ball?

There is enough air inside the ball to last approximately 40 minutes to an hour. However, the energy required to take part ensures that 5 minutes at a time is more than enough. Children and adults will try again and again to improve their skills and after a short rest they’ll be keen to have another go!

Are use of the Walk on Water Balls supervised?

Yes! To ensure that no sphere is able to drift into the centre of the pool, all spheres are tied by a rope to the side of the pool. This means that if you get too tired to return to the side of the pool, staff will gently pull you in.

Could the Walk on Water Ball burst?

No. The sphere is made of heavy duty TPU polyurethane plastic and is not inflated using high pressure air. A gentle stream of cool air inflates the sphere until you are stand upright inside and the ball is fully inflated around you.

What happens if the Walk on Water Ball gets a puncture?

In the unlikely event of a puncture, the sphere will deflate slowly, as a bicycle tyre would. There is no sudden rush of air outwards and the Sphere will not suddenly deflate. The ball can stay afloat for a long time do the participant is never in danger.

Can the Walk on Water Ball sink?

If you’ve ever lain on top of an inflatable airbed in a pool, you’ll know you won’t sink. A waterball has 10 times the volume of air of an airbed - there is no risk of sinking.

Water Ball dimensions

8W x 8D x 3H (metres)


We take safety seriously at Macca’s Amusements.

  • The Water Balls are supervised by staff with:
    • First Aid Certificates
    • Working with children checks (WCC)
    • Police checks
    • Training and experience in operating the Water Balls
  • We hold public liability insurance
  • Water Balls and our operations comply with Australian Standards AS 3533.4.1 (Amusement rides and devices) so your child is safe at all times

Walk on Water Balls hire cost

  • 4 hour (min): $1000
  • 8 hour hire: $1700

Delivery charges may apply.

Areas serviced

Is your event in Warrnambool or within 150kms? We’ll deliver to you, including:

  • Portland
  • Hamilton
  • Camperdown
  • Everywhere in between

Hold a pool party everyone will remember for years.

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